What’s unique about RHM Public school

a happy NIS student

At Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School we envision an education system where education is not related to the routine and dull task of acquiring information, of stuffing the young learner's brains with dreary facts and figures, but where every child is made to think rationally and learn by doing, where every learner is made to feel and realize that he/she is unique and has a lot to contribute to the world around them. A project and task oriented approach to all issues of learning gives a 'Hands on' experience to pupils and inculcates in them a scientific temper of asking "what" We firmly believe that education is more FORMATION than INFORMATION- Formation of self-esteem, character and awareness of one's obligation to the community. For this we introduced some innovative child development programs in our curriculum.

Mind Twister :- A platform for enhancing intellect and overall aptitude of child with the help of different activities (fun, yoga, meditation and life - skill programmes.)

Slab Text :-  Continuous revision of fundamental chapters of previous classes to enhance student's performance.

Orient With Nature :- To take live tutorials from nature to venture into the unknown.