Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the world of Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School. Promoted by the Smt. Magni Devi Educational Society, which has been in the forefront of providing quality education for around a quarter century, Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School is the latest and a very modern centre of excellence on the educational canvas of Sec-87, Kankrola.

Talking about the educational scene today, one visualizes overpopulated classrooms with an emphasis on rote-learning and percentage points scored in academics. This stress on higher academic percentages only encourages rote memory among students, who neither have the time for creative thinking nor dare to do so lest it be interpreted as defiance and insubordination in our straight-jacket way of thinking and discipline. A Japanese horticulturist was telling an Indian how they make bonsais (dwarves) of big trees. The Indian quickly retorted “What is so great about it? You only make bonsais of tree. We specialize in making bonsais of our children. Whereas, you trim the roots of plants, our constant nagging of the children, “don’t do this, don’t do that” and all varieties of imaginary fears introduced in their mind, do the trick for our children.

According to a recent survey, India churns out 3 million graduates every year. They all have a degree, but only about 15% of these are employable. Most students do not possess soft skills such as the ability to communicate in crisp English, to work with teams and deliver presentations, to tear apart theories rather than memorize them. In the words of Bill Gates : “the concept of ‘Haves and Have Nots’, which is presently based on economic parameters, will shift from economic to educational achievements, and the creation of wealth will depend directly on the level of education a society will have”.

At Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School we envision an education system where education is not relegated to the routine and dull task of acquiring information, of stuffing the young learners’ brains with dreary facts and figures, but where every child is made to think rationally and learn by doing, where every learner is made to feel and realize that he/she is unique and has a lot to contribute to the world around them. A project and task oriented approach to all issues of learning gives a ‘Hands on’ experience to pupils and inculcates in them a scientific temper of asking “what”, “how” and “why”.

We firmly believe that education is more FORMATION than INFORMATION- Formation of self-esteem, character and awareness of one’s obligation to the community.

In today’s globalized economy, we need to prepare students for a global stage – a generation of young people who are thinkers and inquirers, who are articulate and confident enough to take to the world stage and to compete with the best in the world. Most important of all, we need to make them good human beings who realize that our planet is inhabited by people of different skin colours, nationalities, and diverse cultures and beliefs, and yet we all share a common fate as passengers on the only spaceship known to harbour life. We need to give them wings and urge them to soar higher. This is exactly what we aim to do at Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School.

We are building a seat of learning with the right mix of the modern and the traditional, and training the young to adapt to the needs of the time without sacrificing our time-tested high ideals and values. Thus, we shall have life skills and value education going side by side with dance, drama, debating and the latest in science, information technology, and electronics along with a strong programme of community service.

Education of young people is an exciting, enriching and adventurous journey and we invite you to be our valued partners on this trip. We are indeed grateful to you for entrusting us with the education and care of the world’s most valuable treasure – your child. We are aware of the great trust reposed in us and it shall be our constant endeavour to live up to your expectations of us.

Kind Regards

Mrs. Sangeeta Das

Resource Person of C.B.S.E.