3R SANGAM is a concept conceived contrivance project which focuses on the motto "SOCIAL REFORMS BY EDUCATION WITH EDUTAINMENT" , it emphasizing the social as well as scientific aspect of the project thereby nurturing the children of class 3 to 11 with a life time experience of imbibing the 3R concept in their value system and providing them with important mundane values such as empathy, rising awarenesses on matters such as pollution and global warming along with the importance of the 3 R and how to implement them in our diurnal life.

Art and craft faculty of our school arranges special assembly every Monday to impart the knowledge of Innovative recycling technique as well as science faculty also performs their scheduled pedagogical activities on every Saturday so that pupils get acquainted to our dream of 3R SANGAM. It's utilization and advantages must be in children's heart at all the time.

Following are the components of the 3R Sangam


SPEAKING JAMUN TREE a platform where children are free to express their inner voice on a piece of paper (problems, sorrows, happiness, excitement) which is then hung on the JAMUN tree maintaining the anonymity.

Punishment Corner

The school has started an innovative venture known as the punishment corner where the notorious children are supposed to serve their punishments in a form of plantation drive so that they realize the worth of nature and their responsibilities towards it...Our school always promote children to take care of our nature and mother earth.


Goldee plastic boo runner is a non mundane initiative made from plastic bottles and waste caste iron pipe giving the illusion of a horizontal green house .children plant saplings and go through the entire journey of sapling maturation thereby giving them a gist into the lifecycle of sapling and teaching them the wonder of nature.


Harit combo stand is a brilliant endeavor made from plastic bottles ,cast iron pipe and cable box giving an illusion of vertical greenhouse .this particularly focuses on the life of green plants ,their importance and their life cycle and their nourishment and educates children on the importance of green plants.


Indian model is a beautifully crafted mannequin made from oil cane giving a real illusion of human beings thereby promoting gender equality and love for plants . various different coloured plants are used as the figurative head for the oil cane Mannequin.Students take important lessons about to life cycle of colourful plants and the science behind the colour such as absence and presense of pigments etc.


Wheel pot is a beautiful contrivance made from tyre and carved into a beautiful pot giving illusion of a desert like condition as water retention is not possible in this case ,thus plants such as cactus and aloe vera are grown and taken care of by the pupil of our school.


An uplifting and electrifying project which mainly focuses on building a relationship of trust and transparency between the teacher and the pupils . It is often said that "Food is the gateway to the Soul", Spending the lunch time with the students to get to know each other better by observing them creates a judge-free zone for the kids where they become comfortable to share their sorrows and hardships to the concerned teacher without hesitation and doubts.


  • Storytelling and rhyming activities with tiny tots (self creations).
  • Life skill program for adolescents.
  • Lunch periods to promote belongingness, respect and mutual understanding with each class.
  • Random surprise visits to check status of each class ,evaluate and assess their concerns.


Shresht Ratan Award a plan which results in all inclusive broadening of Scholastic and co-scholastic facets of the perspicacious tutee.



Sr.No. Story or Poem Detail Read Video
1. Animals Read  
2. Animals जंगल का राजा Read  
3. Festivals Read  
4. Festivals त्यौहार Read  
5. Flowers Read  
6. Flowers Read  
7. Food Read  
8. Fruit Chart Read  
9. Fruit- Mango Read  
10. Fruits Read  
11. Good Habits Read  
12. Good Habits Read  
13. Good Habits (Magic Words) Read  
14. Gulkand Read  
15. Balance Diet Read  
16. Santulit Ahayar Read  
17. Herbal colours Read  
18. Kallu Pahalwan Read  
19. Lazy Moturam Read  
20. Mango Read  
21. Proper use of food Read  
22. Rainbow Read  
24. Seven Colours Read  
25. Shapes Read  
26. Shapes Read  
27. Shapes Read  
28. Shapes Read  
30. The story Fish and Crocodile Read  
31. Toddy and the crocodile Read  
32. True friends Read  
33. Vegetables Read  
34. Vegetables Read  
35. बदलाव Read  
36. Vegetables Read  


An ethereal walk in room filled with the DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas like recycling waste saree for making alluring curtains ,tyres for sofas pistachio shell, stones, broken bangles ,matchstick, ice cream stick and pencil sharpeners for beautification of the room to form wonders as well as to develop the right sense of using waste material , the available resources and material effectively ,its positive effect on our surroundings and environment as a whole.


Every year our school organises LEARN -EARN EMPATHETIC 3R MELA on the auspicious occasion of Diwali . it is an year long campaign where teachers are assigned to help them with their" best out of waste "interhouse activities " on saturdays every week which primarily focuses on waste management,finance management, real life exposure, boycotting Chinese products and advocating indian eco friendly self made creations using the 3 R ...reduce,reuse and recycling.

The children are made to understand the importance of money when their efforts are credited in the mela by exhibiting their creations and getting paid for their hard work and dedication.

These savings are converted into the" INTEGRITY CHRISTMAS RALLY"where students help those who can't fend for themselves such as the underprivileged section of the society,orphanage and old age homes. Such an endeavour helps being immense changes in the pupil as they understand the importance of money ,respecting elders and being down to earth in their lives.


DHAROHAR is a showcase of rich heritage , culture , customs and traditions of India which enables people to understand and appreciate the diversity of India thus fostering a sense of common Identity.

Following are the initiatives under dharohar


"BOJAN PRAPANADRI MANTRA” this Sanskrit mantra is introduced to promote Indian enriched culture and better digestion before consuming food during lunch period.


It is mandatory to touch feet of elders while greeting them inside school premises as it is believed that when a person bows down and touches the feet of elders their EGO gets suppressed as this gesture indicates respecting the age , experience, achievement and wisdom of the person whose feet are being touched.


GAYATRI MANTRA AND ESH VANDANA ( a self composition) are performed in the morning assembly to improve the intelligence ,release postive Energy that decrease the negative thoughts and stress of the ward as mantras have a positive impact on both physiological and psychological well-being of our body.


Our school celebrates HINDI DIWAS on 14th September by means of various competition like doha competition,nukkad natak competition and debate competition to promote ,preserve and increase the belongingness of our national official language HINDI and mark the adoption of hindi as one of the official languages of India and the freedom to speak Hindi.


Our school functions are marked by traditional welcome by aarti ,tika and flowers showing our enriched indian culture and hospitality of atithi devo bhawa.


EK BHARAT STRESTH BHARAT UTSAV aims to actively enhance interaction between people of diverse culture throughout the india with the objective of promoting greater mutual understanding amongst us like AIL (Art integrated learning ) , Diversity show case ,unity pledge ,projects on culture,custom ,culture , dress,climate ,topography ,video conferencing with students of partnering states/ Ut etc.


We ,the people of Haryana celebrate Haryana Day on 1st November. On this special day ,various events such as fastest turban wearing competition for boys and mehendi competition for girls ,interhouse geeta paath competition is held so that children can know the sacred land of Haryana has been spreading the flag of truth,justice and religion not only for the centuries but for ages. It was here that Lord Krishna gave Arjuna the knowledge of Gita. The name Haryana means' the land of God 'In Sanskrit Hari means God and Ayana is home.


We celebrate vasant panchami to promote our Indian culture and rituals by wearing sarees & dhotis and by doing hawan and pooja in our school because this day is dedicated to goddess Saraswati who is the goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts .Various competitions such as garland making and best shloka chanting are held on this auspicious day.


Holi is a festival of colours and spring and it signifies the triumph of good over evil and thus we emphasize pupils to use self made colours using natural products such as turmeric ,dry flower petals etc .We also organise various events such as dance competitions and self song/poem composition to raise awareness against the hazardous impact of chemical colours on the nature.


Entire month of October is dedicated to cleanliness drive where reusable garbage is collected and on the day of DUSSHERA it is sculpted into an effigy of Rawana and then later burnt . The main goal of this event is to raise awareness of the popular slogan "good truimphs over evil " and promote cleanliness in our neighborhood and in the heart of young kids.


It is the biggest celebration of the year. The day usually kick starts with the "say no to crackers " rally where students go into the nearby villages to raise awareness ,it is followed by the 3R Empathetic Mela and finally towards the day end ,various competitions such as rangoli making ,best class decoration are held on this day.


To build confidence both in spoken skill and for group collaboration and cooperation in everyday life ,the development of life skill is required.Various ventures are adopted for holistic growth of the student.

  1. Furcated  monthly syllabus into various life skill themes to indoctrinate  children about the real life exposure.
  2. Saturday is allocated for LIFE SKILL TALK by teachers and students as well as various activities schedule like debate competition, quiz competition, poster making competition, role play regarding it.
  3. Various rallies  organised on the  different  topics of life skill to spread awareness among children and nearby villages for example cristmas rally , environment day rally , cleanliness drive rally ,diwali rally etc.
  4. Life skill workshops are conducted  for staff and students where resource persons are invited from different organisations like COE CBSE and NIIT-n- Guru.
  5. Life skill session for adolescents during personal nurture period.
  6. Special yoga classes are arranged for anger management.


Building positive relationships within the school premises is really essential for everyone. Nurturing relationships are most crucial primary foundation for both intellectual and social growth. For this our school conducts different programs from time to time.

1. Security Dad Meetings

Meeting of all the parent representatives to discuss various problems faced by students inside and outside school and take important decision if needed.

2. Grandparents Day

This day is commemorate to homage our great grandparents .Special programs like blind fold activity,dumsharads ,musical chair ,balloon bursting and memory sharing are arranged to make them realise and acknowledge the importance of grandparents.

3. Alumini Meet

Alumini Meet - a special meet is organised for the graduates of the school where they often indulge in various interactions with their juniors and teacheds such as career counselling ,MAAN KI BAAT etc .the main goal of the meet is to inspire other students to achieve their goals ,solve their queries and Instill a sense of gratitude in children as it is a proud moment for the graduates to share a platform with their juniors and share their journey.

4. Farewell

Farewell feast is organised to commemorate a new journey which is about to start for the children of class 12 as they are a few months away from bidding farewell to the school and step foot into a whole new environment of college.on this day the children dress gracefully in formals coats for boys and pulchritudinous saree for girls,they participate one last time in various activities such as dance performances, singing competitions etc , the day sadly ends with the speeches by the principal and staff.

5. Teachers Day

On this day ,students Express their love, respect and gratitude for teachers by performing plays, dances, reciting poems etc. Two very special themes that define the day are the titles that are given to the teachers by their beloved students and the senior most class dresses up as their favourite teachers and spend an entire day fulfulling their duties ,various handmade gifts are shared to show belonginess and love amongst children and teachers.

6. Children's Day

To develop a strong relationship between teacher and students we celebrate children's day. Just to show our love ,various special events are arranged like picnic to their favourite place,dance and roleplay performances by teachers ,special pool activities for children etc.

7. Mother's Day

It is often said that a mother's love is the most beautiful and purest form of love to ever exist and thus to celebrate this bond between a mother and the child ,we celebrate mother's day . On this day ,we salute all the mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices they have endured for their kids and thus students express their respect and honour and love for their mothers by reciting poems, performing dances ,making thanks giving cards and preparation of special food (without fire).

8. Father's Day

Father's day is celebrated in our school to recognise the contribution that a father makes for the lives of their children. We try to teach children the importance of their father in their life as he is the person who acts like a security blanket and saves children from all problems. On this day ,children often express respect and love for their fathers by making GRATITUDE cards, reciting poems and performing dances etc.

9. Milan Samaroh

It is meet between the government school children and our children which enables the students to share their point of views ,share food values etc , a special poster making competition is held where the students portray their own respective lives and learn to show respect , gratitude and celebrate life.

10. Computer Day Celebration

Technology has changed mankind and the world we live in ,it has connected the entire world by a strong bond ,making our lives easier .Computer is a part of us and it as a day where all of the schools unite to celebrate the brotherhood provided to us by the world of technology through various interschool events that are held on this day such as BUDDING LIFE FROM BUDDING YOUNG ARTISTS (a fancy dress competition) and COMPUTER ON GRILL (computer based skill quiz) etc..


A contest where students work towards making their Grammar fabulous so that they can feel at ease with the language.


We organised a interschool Quiz contest named ‘INQUIZITIVE’ to emphasise on the improvement of the intellect and General Knowledge of the students and ultimately help children to perform well in their upcoming entrance exams and various others. Quiz is extremely informative and knowledge enriching for the participants as well as for the spectators.


Our school believes in DO AND LEARN and thus to broaden the children’s interest in science and enhance innovativeness in children ,We organise science themed inter school magic show where science enthusiasts get to show case their science magic skills . The little magicians of our school perform several tricks based on science experiments on stage which leave the children astonished and mesmerized.This helps the children amplify their observation skills, scientific skill and concentration.