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Frequently Asked Questions about RHMPS

Where is Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School( RHMPSSS)?

RHMPS is located in a 6 acre serene and bio-diverse campus in Sec-87, Kankrola on the Sec-87, Kankrola - Bibrani Road. The campus is aesthetically designed to offer a peaceful and conducive environment for the students. It boasts of all modern infrastructure and amenities to ensure comfortable learning atmosphere.

How far is RHMPS from Sec-87, Kankrola?

The RHMPS Campus is about 2 Kilometers from Gharm Kata, Sec-87, Kankrola which is in the heart of Sec-87, Kankrola city. The nearest residential areas include Bibrani, Bhiwadi, Bolni.

Is RHMPSa residential school?

No, RHMPS is a day school with transport and food provided by the school.

How many students are currently studying at RHMPS?

There are 620 students currently studying in RHMPS between grades 1st and 10th. The average class strength is 15 with the highest class strength being 22.

What is the teacher student ratio at RHMPS?

RHMPS employs a total of 28 teachers (as on 1 June 2017) including subject teachers, language teachers, sports and extra-curricular activity teachers. This gives us an enviable average of 1 teacher per 7 students.

How experienced are your teachers and staff?

RHMPS employs some of the best teachers in the industry to ensure children have access to the best possible learning environment. Our school leadership comprises of our Principal and Heads of departments who together have more than 8 years of experience in the education sector. Not sitting on our past expertise and laurels RHMPS proactively engages in teacher training workshops every year. These workshops help in building further capacity and also introduce modern teaching tools and methods.

What is the academic pattern followed at RHMPS?

RHMPS is an CBSE School offering Primary Years Programme of the CBSE. The CBSE methodology integrated with the National Curriculum (CBSE) is followed from Nursery till Grade 10.

What are the extra-curricular activities offered at RHMPS?

Education at RHMPS goes beyond the classroom. All students participate in co-curricular activities which include Sports, Dance, Theatre, Music, Robotics and Art & Craft. Students also take part in community service activities from time to time and are also given special hours for using the library and media centre. Attention is also given at developing critical skills like communication, presentation and confidence building.
Within the gamut of sports RHMPS offers opportunity to explore various disciplines viz, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Cricket.

What are the languages children study at RHMPS?

RHMPS is a full English medium school offering various languages as part of its curriculum. Students may choose a second language apart from English. In accordance with prevailing government norms Hindi must be chosen as either second language.

What are the timings of the school?

The school starts at 08:30 on all weekdays (Monday to Saturday). The school ends 15:30 for Grades 1 to 10. For grades 8 to 10 first and third Saturday of the month may be working days and the timing is from 09:00 to 12:30.

Does the school offer transportation?

Yes, RHMPS offers comfortable temperature controlled vehicles that ply children to and fro. We cover most areas of the city that fall within a 90 minute drive from the school. Parents, however, are requested to check if their area is covered by the school transport before finalizing the admission.

Does the school have a dining area? Do you provide food?

RHMPS has a large, well ventilated dining area with a capacity to seat 150 children at once. We provide healthy vegetarian food twice a day (mid-morning and lunch-time) to all the students. Students are encouraged to eat together and are also trained in table manners during the dining hours.

What access do students have to computers?

RHMPS encourages usage of technology in all aspects of life. The students starting from Grade 1 are trained in using computers for various purposes including research, learning and exploring through dedicated IT classes. Over and above the classes children are encouraged to use computers as part of their ongoing projects and presentations. RHMPS also offers Robotics from Grade 4 through which students are trained in electronic and mechanical concepts.

How do you make sure students succeed academically?

Success of any school depends on the success of its children. This fact is no different at RHMPS. Therefore we make every effort to see our children succeed not only in academics but in life too. To that extent RHMPS focuses on providing an environment balanced with academics and non-academics. Care is taken to ensure that children understand the concept rather than just memorize it.
RHMPSprovides multiple platforms for children to showcase their learning and talent. Every child gets a periodic opportunity to speak/perform/present at the assembly which is held every morning. Apart from that children participate in regular events and competitions that are organized in-house and various external levels.
Being CBSE School and also following the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation methods of CBSE, we access the progress of our children on a daily basis. This greatly helps in identifying children who may be lagging behind so as to offer additional support to them.

What support is offered to a child with learning difficulties?

RHMPS fully respects the fact that each child is unique and therefore the way she learns cannot be compared to any other child. Our teachers are specifically trained in handling slow learners and thanks to the low teacher-child ratio they can afford to spend considerable time with such students without hampering the learning of other students. We also have an in-house remedial teacher who is dedicated to support such children based on their needs. The home room teachers are well equipped with data of child’s learning and therefore can devise specific student-centric and personalized approach for each child.

What is the fees structure of RHMPS?

To understand the fee structure in detail please get in touch with our admission team on rhmp.school@yahoo.com or call them on +91-81306 70052or +91-85277 33052.

Is my child safe at RHMPS Campus?

Safety of students is of paramount importance for RHMPS. We have designed our campus keeping in mind that the most frequent users of any service will be young children. The support staff is trained to ensure that everything that the children use is safe and child friendly. From the equipments in science labs to the facilities at food court to the play area and classrooms, due care is taken to make every place safe for your children. However, in case of any untoward incident we have a nurse on standby at the wellness room during school hours. We also have vehicles on standby should any child need any special care and has to be rushed to a medical center.
The school building is made according to international fire safety standards and has multiple exits and assembly point. Fire fighting equipments are handy in all areas and the school conducts fire drill regularly.

What is the process of admission to RHMPS? Is there any age criteria?

The process of admission is quick and simple for the benefit of the parents and children. It involves parents visiting the school campus with children and meeting the admission team, teachers and/or principal. For pre-primary an informal chat with the teacher forms the base of admission while the primary and secondary grades have to take a small written test. The objective of the test is to check the current competence level of the child and therefore to ascertain the amount of extra attention required. It does not form basis for rejection. Registration, document submission and fee payment follows. For more details on admissions please do connect with our team at rhmp.school@yahoo.com or call on +91-81306 70052 or +91-85277 33052.

Does RHMPS consider mid-session admissions?

Often parents are required to change their child school mid-year owing to several reasons. We understand this situation and are committed to be of necessary help in such cases. It is our endeavour to make sure children do not lose a year and therefore in several special cases we allow mid-session admissions. However, this is a prerogative of the principal and management of RHMPSand therefore in such cases parents are requested to connect with our admissions team.

Please feel free to contact us at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Rao Harchand Memorial Public Sr. Secondary School

Sec-87, Kankrola, Manesar - 301702,
Gurgaon (Haryana)  India.

Phone : +91 81306 70052, 85277 33052

Admissions : +91 8527733052